You and your family are invited to celebrate Christmas this year at Harbor Church. Join us for an evening of music and candlelight as we slow down from the chaos of life and focus in on the beauty and hope of Jesus together. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Is Harbor Church Located?

Harbor Church meets in a church located at 4490 Newland Street in Wheat Ridge, CO.



When Is The Service? Should I Get There A Little Early?

The service will begin at 5:00pm. Arrive early! Special events at Harbor are always a fun time and people bring their friends and family, so plan accordingly.


What About Parking?

We have a full parking lot on site with a parking team who will welcome you in.


What Does A Typical Christmas Service Look Like?

That's a great question! You’ll experience a service full of familiar Christmas songs and readings, as well as one of our favorite elements of the night, Silent Night sung by candlelight.


What Should I Wear To The Christmas Service? Is It Formal? Casual?

Wear what you'd like. We'll have people dressed in business casual and some in a t-shirt and jeans. We're thankful to have you come and experience Christmas with us, so please don't let attire be an issue.


Will There Be Children's Programming And For What Ages?

All kids ages 2 and under will have programming available during the service. All other children will be in the main Christmas celebration with their families. 

Questions? Let Us Know!

If you have any questions about this event or would like to get in touch with a member of our team, let us know using the form below!

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